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It’s a fact that more than 90% of South Africans own one (or more) mobile device, and 92% of smartphone users say that they are incapable of living without their smartphones.Companies world-wide are taking note of the mobile trend and research indicates that they cannot ignore a mobile marketing strategy.
The next time you are in town, take a look around. You will be surprised how many people’s eyes are glued down to their phones.
Major brands are already jumping on the opportunity to talk to these customers, and platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram assist in making it easier for any business.Now that the world is going mobile, there are endless opportunities and a number of different ways to communicate to reach out to potential customers.For example: You are a restaurant owner looking to get awareness on social media. Most phones (as well as social media accounts) link to GPS, so you could use a platform such as Foursquare to reward customers for checking-in to your restaurant on social media. We give you unique social media marketing with different packages, we utilize our online experience to incorporate both social media and website into one thing and make it easy for both platform to interlink and benefit your business by rewarding you with brand awareness and more leads into your business


We offer a variety of packages to our clients including


We analyse your business and the target market then generate brand awareness among your targeted people within a certain area using any of social networks


We implement our social media engineering strategy to increase your business page likes and awareness dramatically within two months of campaign 

Content Creation

We utilize our online experience and researches we have to create unique content for you

Google SEO

We have partnered with American and European companies to assist our clients in maximizing and optimizing the Google, Bing and Yahoo rankings

Google adwords

We utilize our experience with Google to create campaign for your business website to optimize specific searches in your field and generate more leads for your business 

We give you leads

We engineer our codes to redirect traffic into funnels and create leads for specific services or business then we hand them to you 

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