Developed Mobile Applications


Tailored Business Solutions 

Businesses are always looking for the right tool to install engagement, loyalty, responsive and more importantly mobility towards their customers. Mobile Application its one of the most proven effective and efficient way to bring business and clients closer. Hop Business Solutions mobile application development and design install a say from a client to a business and make the client feel they partially own the business. This is by simple mechanism we use to program our internal developed apps and make sure it “always” engages the client whenever the open or unlock their smart phones.

Development and Optimization

Depending on the package you choose with us, we develop and promote the app within Play store and App store using our advantageous partnership with major plays on the market. This then increase the downloads of the application around your targeted locations with the advantage of the unique customer engagement feature we install for all our clients on the mobile applications.

Designing and Launching  

Based on our experience in this field we now have over 10 different technologies we using to develop mobile applications with daily backups, database and all hosting sitting on four different servers in different locations across the world. Some of the technologies we use are:

  • PHP
  • HTML 5
  • CSS
  • C#
  • WordPress and many more

After development we then arrange with our team in events to assist in launching the application and creating massive “PR” and awareness around social media to at least gain lot of downloads on the first day it hits the market and we asssit you in encoraging down-loaders to use or take advantage of uniquly Hop Business Solutions developed social media share buttons within the application to share the app on social media continuously

Let us give you mobile solution for your business